Adjusting Your Gastric Band

Adjusting Your Gastric Band

To lose weight safely and efficiently, it’s important to have your gastric band adjusted correctly. When you go to your GP for a regular gastric band fill adjustment, you may find that you’ll be spending more time talking about the adjustment and your progress than you’ll spend with the actual gastric band procedure (which generally takes only one or two minutes).

Gastric band adjustments can be made under X-ray fluoroscopic guidance. In this case, your band can be injected via the reservoir port under X-ray control. In addition, a small cup of liquid containing a clear or white radio-opaque fluid that’s visible on the X-ray can be watched as it travels down your oesophagus and through the narrowing caused by the gastric band. The radiologist is then able to see the degree of restriction in the gastric band and assess if there are potential issues of concern.

Some health practitioners adjust the gastric band without the use of X-ray control. In these cases, the doctor assesses your weight loss as well as potential problems you may report; he or she will determine whether or not you need a gastric band adjustment based on the information you give.

When will you have your first gastric band adjustment? Many health practitioners make the first gastric band adjustment between four and six weeks post-operatively to allow your stomach time to heal. After that, fills are performed as needed.Â

How many gastric band adjustments will you need? No accurate number of required gastric band adjustments can be given. The amount of saline/isotonic solution needed in the gastric band varies from patient to patient.

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