Bariatric Surgery – And how it saves money over time

Bariatric Surgery – And how it saves money over time

You may have wondered about whether or not you can afford bariatric surgery. After all, one of the drawbacks that you’ll be told about is the cost; it’s one of the reasons albeit a non-health-related one that bariatric surgery is only prescribed after other options have been exhausted.

The reality is, however, that bariatric surgery saves money over time.

While this may initially seem counter-intuitive, think about it. Laparoscopic (that is, minimally invasive) bariatric surgery can bring patients significant savings. The most important reason is that bariatric surgery will improve (or even resolve) obesity-related diseases like type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and sleep apnoea. All of these conditions rely on frequent medical interventions that include medication, medical consultations, and even hospital visits.

Not only that, but all of the obesity-related diseases cost a great deal down the road. Without bariatric surgery, your conditions will worsen and you may lose work time or, in fact, lose your job altogether.

But the savings don’t stop there. When you are obese, everything costs just a little bit more, and those costs add up. Clothing in your size may be hard to get and expensive. You often need to make alternative travel arrangements, as you do not fit in standard-sized seats on trains and airplanes. And when you are obese, you obviously consume (and pay for!) much more food than you will after bariatric surgery.

The long-term gains from bariatric surgery are not just health-related; they’re budget-related as well. Isn’t it time you found out exactly how much bariatric surgery could save you?

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