When Does body fat Become Dangerous?

When Does body fat Become Dangerous?

Overweight. Everyone worries about it. In January, commercials, magazines, and television programmes are all about losing weight, either in response to the excesses of holiday parties or in response to a New Year’s resolution.

But there’s a significant difference between being overweight and being obese, and people in the latter category never confuse them. A little overweight is unattractive and inconvenient; but obesity can, literally, kill you.

It all starts in the same place: with excessive fat that accumulates and exceeds what the human skeleton can comfortably carry. And it doesn’t actually take that much: it’s been estimated that twenty per cent above your ideal body weight is the point at which the excess weight can become a health risk.

Obesity becomes “morbid” or “clinically severe” when it starts increasing the risk of obesity-related health conditions or serious diseases. These (which include diabetes, sleep apnoea, heart problems, joint problems, and more) are called co-morbidities and can result in disability and even death. The co-morbidities may vary from person to person, but it’s important that you know that the obesity itself, even on its own, is a serious and chronic disease that needs to be treated as you would other life-threatening diseases.

Getting rid of your obesity through weight-loss surgery isn’t just going to make you feel better: it might just save your life!

When did you cross the line between being somewhat overweight to the point where your health and life are threatened? The reasons for obesity are both complex and numerous. And it probably isn’t just because of overeating. Many factors come into play to create your disease: genetic factors, behavioural factors, and environmental factors all play a part. In many cases there is a strong genetic predisposition to obesity, and when this is the case, dieting alone will not be helpful.

Fat is dangerous when it puts your life at risk. Having bariatric surgery could be your best line of defence, as long as you’re willing to commit yourself to a new lifestyle that will enable you to fight the genetic predisposition that you may have to the disease. Bariatric surgery isn’t a cure: it’s a management technique, and needs to be part of an overall programme to become and stay healthy.

If you’re morbidly obese, fat is an enemy that you’ll be fighting your whole life. You won’t ever be able to live a sedentary life. You won’t be able to eat at fast-food restaurants on a regular basis. You will need to eat balanced meals and exercise daily.

The good news is that fat is a danger you can overcome. The first step is weight-loss surgery. The next step is up to you!

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