Fitness Tracking App: Breeze

Fitness Tracking App: Breeze

Getting more active can seem like an overwhelming task at the beginning of any fitness routine.  A simple way to start is by adding more steps into your daily routine, and build healthier day-to-day routines.

Breeze, compatible with iPhone 5S or above, is a fitness tracking app that auto tracks activity and routine to help create small and positive changes.  Each morning, Breeze sets an number of steps as a goal, and throughout the day you are sent encouraging reminders  of your goal and to take a few extra steps.

When you make goal, Breeze launches confetti as a celebration for completing the daily goal.


Who doesn’t like a bit of celebratory confetti?

Breeze utilises the phone’s built-in motion chip, so battery drain isn’t an issue. You can also view the simple activity profile which tracks the total number of steps taken plus the cumulative time you’ve been active.



The Breeze app is simple and intuitive, and with encouraging reminders, is a easy way to get a few extra steps into daily activity.

To download the app view it in the iTunes store.

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