Why Follow Diet Trends? Make a Permanent Change Today Instead!

Why Follow Diet Trends? Make a Permanent Change Today Instead!

The diet gurus’ predictions back in January were all about how 2013 would be the year of healthy diets. Low-fat was out, low-carb was out, instead, fresh, organic produce and high-quality calories were to be consumed.

Well, it’s April, and McDonald’s has yet to lament that it doesn’t have enough customers in 2013.

Let’s face it: there will always be trends in dieting, just as there are trends in fashion, cars, and holiday venues. In fact, you’ve probably been a martyr to two or three of those trends yourself—most people who have been overweight for years have indeed “tried it all,” and found that while it may be chic to say you’re on the diet du jour, none of them has worked for you.

And for good reason. For many people, possibly even for most people, diets don’t work. They promote the dangerous yo-yo weight effect which can be extremely detrimental to your health in the long run, they cost a great deal of money, and they offer false hopes and false promises.

If you’re thinking about bariatric surgery as an alternative to the weight-loss carousel, then you’re thinking about doing something that does work. Something that is a permanent solution to a permanent problem. Something that won’t go in or out of fashion next year or any year.

Weight-loss surgery limits the amount of food that you can consume. You eat less, and you lose weight. You start enjoying the food that you eat far more than you ever did. After a while, you start enjoying exercise again, too.

And let’s for a moment look at where your information is coming from. Diet fads live in the pages of magazines and on television. Bariatric clinics will require that you meet with various specialists before they’ll even schedule your surgery: a surgeon, a dietician, sometimes a counsellor, other doctors … there’s a whole team that is ready to support you and is invested in your success.

The magazine editors won’t be there for follow-up.

Look at all of your options; discuss them with your own doctor and your family; and then come and talk with us. What we offer isn’t chic or trendy; but if you’re looking for a permanent solution to what has been a permanent problem, then this is where you should be looking!

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