Getting the Most from Your Exercise Routine in Autumn

Getting the Most from Your Exercise Routine in Autumn

Now that we are well in Autumn, it’s time to began thinking about the different ways to incorporate exercise in the new season. With cooler temperatures, this is the perfect time of year to grab a pair of trainers and head outside to explore.

Here are a few ways to get the most of exercising in the autumn months:

Be Smart in Darkness

As we all know, daylight hours become less and less during autumn months.  Keep the reducing daylight in mind when you are getting ready to head out for an evening walk or morning jog.  Make sure to being a torch with you, and even wear reflective gear for maximum visibility.


Get Fresh Air

Once the weather begins to cool down from summer, head out to local parks and reserves to enjoy autumn colours and fresh air.  Getting outside for at least a half an hour three to four times per week, will release natural endorphins helping to improve your mood.


Wear Layers

When exercising outside in the chillier autumn temperatures, it is important to wear layers to combat the elements while staying warm.  The first layer should be a fabric that wicks away sweat, keeping you dry.  The second layer should be a warmth layer, followed by a protective layer, which can be a light rain jacket depending on the weather conditions.


Stay Hydrated

Even though it is cooler temperatures than in summer, it is still important to stay hydrated as you exercise.  Be sure to bring water with you during the hike or walk, to ensure you are drinking plenty of fluids.

Remember, getting active is an important part for overall health and maintaining weight loss.  Be sure to get out enjoy some cooler temperatures and some fresh Autumn air.

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