Are there any healthy fast food options?

Are there any healthy fast food options?

Your family and friends might suggest a quick fast-food chain meal when out, but if you’re like me you might hold back on this choice fearful of a return to old habits.

Well thankfully, gone are the days when you would order from the fast-food menu and keep your fingers crossed that what you were choosing and then eating didn’t have too many calories (and fatty or sugary ones at that).

healthy fast food options

Now it’s easy to check what’s in that burger, shake, chicken sandwich, salad special and coffee-on-the-go and discover some healthy fast food options.

What will often surprise you the most is how many calories can be packed into a little bun and how much sugar there is in that innocent looking ‘shake or latte.

But fast food doesn’t automatically equal bad food – chain restaurants are now doing more to make their meal choices healthier. Thankfully they are also providing more information about the nutritional content of their food so that you can make an informed choice. Here’s what to look out for:

*  Check out the website of the fast food chain you’re considering – all have their nutritional data on there. If you have the time, hop online and make a choice before hopping into your car. Check out the places you are likely to encounter and have a plan about the best order.

*  Need information at the fast-food restaurant while you’re there due to an unscheduled stop? Most chains do have the information posted on their walls, in brochures, on their food packaging and even on placemats. If you can’t see any then ask the waiting staff for some help.

*  Many chains are now experimenting with advice before you order on menu boards (scan and see if yours does) and some enterprising ones will give you some advice on your receipt. Might be too late to make changes on the day with the latter but give you a better chance of selecting better on your next visit. The most recent involves telling you that you could have saved x amount of calories if you had substituted or chosen y instead. Too much information or helpful – you decide!

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