Healthy Halloween Snacks

Healthy Halloween Snacks

With Halloween just around the corner, many houses become filled with sweet and salty treats that can be negative for anyone aiming to eat more healthily.  If you are looking to have friends or family over for a spooky evening this year, why not substitute sweets for wacky and healthy Halloween veg and fruit displays? Having the fruits and vegetables on offer can give a healthy snack for yourself and guests, rather than calorie and fat filled treats.

If you are needing a bit of inspiration for quirky ways or displaying your fruit and veg for a Halloween gathering, here are five of our favourites!


  • Add a little bit of hummus with carrots on toothpicks, for a festive pumpkin patch!
  • Arrange fruit, like apple and orange slices with grapes for a creative Jack-O-Latern display!
  • Cut two slices of apple, with a bit of jam and almond slices for fruity monster mouth treats!
  • Peel clementines and top with a bit of celery for fruit snack with a pumpkin shape.
  • Use a mini pumpkin as a festive container for healthy dips like hummus.

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