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The ABC weight management programme

Move 4 Health's ABC programme features structured activity challenges designed by our weight loss experts, remotely monitored by a wrist-worn fitness tracker that’s backed by sophisticated analysis software.

The challenges combine the three essential elements of any successful weight loss programme - exercise, calorie restriction and motivation. We call it our ABC programme.


Using a wrist-worn fitness tracker, we remotely monitor and motivate clients as they pass through a programme of graded challenges.

By analysing your activity 24/7, our sophisticated tracking software generates personalised weekly feedback and tips to keep you motivated.

Bariatric surgery

The team at Phoenix Health specialise in weight loss surgery, so you’ll have expert care from start to finish, whichever surgery route you opt for.

We believe so strongly in the potential of the ABC programme to improve the results of bariatric surgery, we have made it a no-cost option included in the price of all our aftercare packages.


In the life skills you’ll need to stay motivated and on target, using optional personalised sessions with our trained psychologists.

We also utilise feedback generated by our tracking software to provide you with constant activity supervision and targeted advice and encouragement.

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How the ABC weight loss programme works

  • When you enter onto our closely supervised ABC programme, you’ll receive a free fitness tracker that’s yours to keep. If you already own a wearable fitness tracker, you can use that instead.

  • We’ll place you (anonymously) into a buddy group of Move 4 Health patients who will be with you all the way. You’ll have group challenges as well as your individual goals, helping you all to stay motivated.

  • Once a week you sync your free tracker to your Smartphone or computer using either Bluetooth or USB.

  • Your Activity data is sent through to our central database and analysed to assess your progress towards your personal goals and how close your group is to meeting the group Activity target too.

  • We’ll provide you with weekly feedback, support and advice, and tell you how your performance ranks within your group.*

  • To really get you moving, we’ve even got plans for a Move 4 Health Rewards Scheme open to all those who hit their personal activity target at the end of a challenge - even if you’re not top of the group.

* Your data will only be seen by our administrators. We will never share your data with other members of the group, only you see your rankings, so the personal information stays just between us.

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