Why Are You Obese?

Why Are You Obese?

There are many, many reasons that people become obese. Many people blame themselves, or those around them, for a condition over which they may or may not have had any control.

Being overweight or obese happens when a person consumes more calories than they burn. It’s really that simple. And the old adage-eat less, exercise more-is indeed the way to avoid becoming overweight. But many factors play into people eating too much and exercising too little, so a simple answer isn’t always the right one.

What are some of those factors?
1.AGE: Your body’s metabolism slows down with age, so the amount of calories you could take in at 20 and not gain weight may well put the pounds on when you reach 40 or 50.
2.GENDER: Women put weight on more quickly and easily than men. Men have a higher resting metabolic rate, so even when resting, they’re burning more calories than women. In addition, women’s metabolic rates plummet after menopause, with the obvious consequences.
3.ENVIRONMENT: If you come from a family where you were told to “clean your plate” at every meal, then it’s more likely that you’ll continue to create an environment as an adult that supports more food consumption. In the same way, if exercise was not an important part of your childhood, you’re less likely to exercise regularly as an adult.
4.GENETICS: Obesity definitely has some genetic links: you are, in fact, 75% more likely to be obese if your parents are obese.
5.PSYCHOLOGY: Many people eat when they’re unhappy or depressed, and eating can become an emotional crutch.

All of these factors can be overcome, but not without difficulty. It’s important to remember that obesity has many roots, and to go through a bariatric procedure that takes off the excess weight without being aware of any predisposition you may have to putting the weight back on invites problems. Make sure that you’ve talked about all the factors that contributed to your obesity before you start your post-surgery programme.

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