Plus size fashion tips for weight loss surgery patients

Plus size fashion tips for weight loss surgery patients

Many men and women who are plus size feel that they will never look good until after they have weight loss surgery. Not true, and while it may take some searching for an outfit for your larger size frame, it is possible to find and put together something when you’re larger than average.

Being plus size does not relegate and doom you to a lifetime of dreary dark outfits, tent-like garments and unfashionable choices, it’s just a matter of checking out some of the following ideas. Here’s some Plus size fashion tips for looking great.

Ladies should start with a firm foundation. Choosing a good bra, slip, shaper and tights can make a huge difference in achieving a smooth line under a dress, trousers or skirt. The eye will then go to where it should rather than focus on a bulky under-garment poking through, eliminating muffin tops, bingo wings and all manner of wobbly bits.

Wear what you are comfortable in. No one looks good when they feel uncomfortable, so choose an outfit that makes you feel great and that you are relaxed in wearing. The confidence you display in wearing an outfit you’re happy with shines through and enhances your image in countless ways.

Make sure that your clothes fit. It’s a fallacy and myth that larger size folk should always choose loose-fitting clothes … clothes that fit, no matter the size, will always look better than bulky ones that hide your assets. Bin the baggy sweater and look for a figure-shaping alternative.

Some age-old advice does however hold true. Darker colours and soft flowing fabrics are more slimming than brighter and bulky or stiff ones. So opt for classy navy, black and burgundy colours but add a touch of a brighter colour for balance and interest.

When looking at pattern keep prints proportionate. In general terms, the larger you are the bigger the print or pattern you should choose, since a small print will make you look bigger.

Remember to keep accessories proportional too. Scale things like belts, jewellery and scarves to your size. A tiny, delicate item can make you appear larger than you are. Opt instead for bold statement pieces and leave the dainty offerings to the very petite.

Finally, as you’re shrinking don’t spend too much on your outfits since they won’t usually fit for more than a few weeks after surgery. Consider thrift and charity shops, clothes swapping with other WLS patients and professional seamstresses to adjust favourite or expensive outfits. A regular wardrobe review is also a must.

If you are feeling really brave then you may like to hire a personal stylist who you feel understands you and what you are looking to achieve, then let them weave their magic for you!

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