Preparing For Stomach Bypass Surgery

Preparing For Stomach Bypass Surgery

Once you and your surgeon determine that you qualify for stomach bypass surgery, and that it’s time to schedule a date for it, your surgeon will give you instructions on how to prepare.

In general, these preparations will include some or all of the following:

Blood tests and other checks:these are generally to determine if you are healthy enough for the stomach bypass surgery

Psychological consultationto determine if you’re ready to deal with stomach bypass surgery.

There may be possible restrictions on medicationthat you’re currently taking

You will probably be asked to stop smoking

Some dietary changesmay be required:

Start eating less sugar (once you’ve had your stomach bypass surgery, sugar can cause a ‘dumping’ syndrome)

Start an exercise routine (the stronger you are, the better your body will come through the stomach bypass surgery)

You will probably not be able to eat anything solid in the days immediately preceding the stomach bypass surgery; your surgeon will tell you more.

Being prepared for stomach bypass surgery is the best way to help ensure that the surgery is successful and that you won’t have any setbacks. You will also recover more quickly from stomach bypass surgery if you have given your body the proper preparation.

Want to learn more about stomach bypass surgery? Ask us what we recommend as you prepare for yourstomach bypass surgery. We’re here to help!

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