Staying hydrated after weight loss surgery

Staying hydrated after weight loss surgery

After any weight loss procedure, it is important to consistently drink water in order to you stay hydrated. In addition to preventing dehydration, drinking plenty of water helps your body to be efficient in reducing food cravings plus ridding itself of fat.

Here are a few tips for staying hydrated after your weight loss procedure:

1. Carry a Waterbottle

Right after your procedure and your stomach is still healing from surgery, it will be difficult to drink high volumes of water but you will need to sip small amounts of water throughout the day. We recommend carrying a sports water bottle with you, to help visually remind you to keep sipping the water during the day.

2. Flavour Your Water {Naturally!}

Avoid adding squash to your water, as it adds extra sugar and calories to your diet. Instead, you can add a little bit of flavour to drinking water by adding slices of lemon or oranges, cucumber and even mint. Or try seasonal berries like strawberries and blackberries with mint for a fresh alternative to plain water. The lightly infused flavour will be a bit of a treat and have you staying hydrated throughout the day.

3. Try an App

There are numerous apps for both Apple and Android smartphones designed to help remind users to drink water throughout the day. Simply enter your target amount of water, and the app will send you a little reminder to keep hydrated. This is also a great way of monitoring your overall water consumption without making it too complicated.

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