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I’m confused just why I took so long to act, confused to realise I didn’t see I needed help, confused that I didn’t see the real see ME in the mirror.

I was always described as ‘well covered’ growing up, then slipping comfortably into marriage and motherhood, I gently expanded, but the loss of both parents followed by my husband, I self medicated, ballooning to a point where I literally was in denial, and I decided to take my children away and got stuck in an airline seat!!!

When I first met Professor Kerrigan I was asked ideally what was my aim. I wanted to be a healthy size 16 and get on a plane again without an extension seat belt! That’s it, of course wealth, career, lack of back pain, etc, etc, my wants may appear shallow, but they were my aims.

I have 3 photos to show, 1 at my heaviest on that I’ll fated holiday just over 1.5 years ago, size 34, shoulders made for rugby, 2nd is in progress at size 20 and the 3rd photo in zipped and buttoned size 12 jeans. Ok I admit I have a muffin top, I can’t sit down, in size 14 I’m ok, but holy smoke, size 12!!!!!! Plus, August we are booked for Crete!

There are not enough words in the English language to express my thanks to the whole team at Phoenix, nursing staff at The Countess, admin, again, the whole team. THANK YOU XX


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