Leoni *

I was almost at 17 stone at 27 years old and very unhealthy, unfit and most of all unhappy. I was by far the biggest out of all my friends. They would all be swapping clothes, going to all the high street shops, having photos on nights out, which to them was all very normal but for me would eat me up inside. I would think to myself “I wish I could swap clothes, shop in high street shops, have a photo and feel confident to post it up on social media”, but instead of doing anything about it I would sit at home, cry and eat. I would get angry at my family when they’d say “stop eating” or “ should you be having that”. Id lie about what I had eaten to anyone who asked.

I had tried almost every diet and I would lose no more than 2 stone, get bored of the diet and then put it all back on AND MORE. I was out of control, every time I reached the next stone up I’d say “oh goodness, I must stop now, I can’t reach the next stone” but no matter how many times I said it, I wouldn’t stop.

I have had the gastric sleeve, and it has made me the happiest I have ever been, Ive gone from a size 20 to a size 12. I can walk upstairs and still breathe, Ive stopped snoring, I go to the gym and enjoy it, I LOVE having my photo taken and best of all I can now swap clothes with my friends!!!

There were a few struggles along the way, and at first you go through a stage of thinking ‘Oh what have I done” or “I can’t do this” but the fact is I could do it!! For me, it was difficult not being able to guzzle down lots of water but to remember to sip it throughout the day, and having to watch my friends eat a three course meal of what they want whilst I had a small plate of something. The hardest thing was taking the time to chew my food, I was always a fast eater so learning to chew and take my time was difficult. All these things however have passed and now I don’t think twice about any of them. I eat off a side plate and I enjoy what I have on there and I am more than happy with that, because I LOVE how that has made me today.

Having this operation has not only been about changing what and how I eat, but also to change the way my mind works and to make better choices.

Like I said before it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me, The Phoenix Health team are always there for you and with help you every step of the way and I would like to say the BIGGEST thank you to everyone!

* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

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