Thinking Of Dieting? Think Again!

Thinking Of Dieting? Think Again!

No one enjoys being fat.

That’s a fact of life. There’s simply no upside to it.

The social ostracism from the svelte culture in which we live is depressing. The inability to go out and do things, to have energy, to enjoy sports or even a short walk without feeling exhausted is depressing. We hate food even as we turn to it, again and again, and we end up hating ourselves.

No: no one enjoys being fat.

So when you want to change, when you’re ready to change, there seems to be only one option: go on a diet. Which is, in fact, possibly the worst thing you can do!

Diets are very bad for your health, your self-esteem, and your life. Many diets lack essential nutrients, and none of them will teach you anything about healthy eating. So even if you do get through a diet and down to a weight that’s at least in the right general direction, you’re more likely than not to go right back to the unhealthy eating habits that contributed to your becoming obese in the first place.

It’s how the “yo-yo” phenomenon begins, the scales going up and down, up and down, until your body starts getting even sicker than it was when you started. And you’ll still be obese.

It’s time to find a healthy alternative to dieting. One option that you may be considering is bariatric surgery. It takes the guesswork out of losing weight and gives you a safe permanent alternative to dieting. Yes, you’ll need to eat differently after your surgery—but the surgery itself will enable you to do so, and the sense of finally being in control of your life is, quite simply, priceless.

Don’t enjoy being fat? Join the club and find out if bariatric surgery might work for you.

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