Three Basics for Post-Bariatric Surgery Diets

Three Basics for Post-Bariatric Surgery Diets

After months or perhaps even years of planning, youve finally done it! You consulted with your doctor and your surgeon, and you had your bariatric surgery. No matter whether it was banding or gastric bypass, you now need to change the way that you eat.

After bariatric surgery, you cannot eat the way that you used to. Your portions will be smaller, and you’re going to feel full faster than you did before your bariatric surgery.

There are only three basics that you need to keep in mind:

1) PROTEIN: You can’t store protein, so you need to resupply it at least 60 grams every day. Because your bariatric surgery reduced the size of your stomach, make sure that you eat your proteins first with each meal to make sure that you don’t neglect them.

2) VITAMINS AND MINERALS: After bariatric surgery, you won’t be able to meet your body’s requirements through food intake alone. You must take a multivitamin every day, along with calcium and B12 supplements. Make sure that you get your blood tested frequently to ensure that you have an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals.

3) SUGAR AND FATS: Just because you’ve had bariatric surgery doesn’t mean that you cannot gain weight again! In addition, one of the worst feelings is dumping, a post-bariatric surgery syndrome that occurs when you’ve eaten fats or sugars (usually above 10 grams) and includes profound sleepiness, light-headedness, profuse sweating, rapid heart rate, cramping abdominal pain, nausea, and diarrhea. You can avoid it by limiting your intake.

Always work with your doctor or nutritionist to make sure that you are eating correctly after your bariatric surgery, and keep these three basics in mind as you continue on your journey to good health!

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