Tips to stay fit when travelling

Tips to stay fit when travelling

Finally Summer is nearly with us and with it, for many, holiday time! This may mean a physical challenge in terms of a walking holiday or just the opposite, an indulgent wind-down jolly with food and rest galore.

If it’s for a short period of time then the only danger might be a slight creeping of the scales in the upward direction that can be quickly rectified upon the return home.

Tips to stay fit when travelling

However for many it can mean a serious u-turn on all the good efforts put in place for months before, which can then side-line your continued efforts with weight-loss and maintenance.

The secret is to plan ahead and still try and keep a modicum of exercise and good eating habits in your holiday regime. It is perfectly possible to stay fit and healthy when travelling without it seeming a chore. Here’s some tips to stay fit when travelling;

* Even before you set off pack fit.  Assume that you are going to do a little exercise every day and pack some workout kit to see you through the time away. Don’t assume your hotel will have everything you require including laundry services. Pack some travel wash so that it isn’t the lack of clean clothes that becomes your excuse.

* If you really do want to keep up with the routine book a hotel with a gym and/or pool.  In other words check out their facilities and shop around for what you require so that you’re not disappointed when you arrive about the size of the pool or the machines available for use.

* If your chosen place to stay doesn’t have too many facilities then build in some exercise to your day by walking to destinations/tourist attractions or if away for business reasons the meeting rooms. Check out a sensible route on your smartphone, check with the concierge or with the attraction itself the best route to and from for a steady workout.

* Give yourself the best start by doing your planned exercise first thing in the morning.  Excuses often creep in later in the day so get your exercise in early so that you’re not shackled down with the guilt the rest of the day.

* It is a holiday but do watch what you eat.  It’s only too easy to over-indulge – don’t necessarily aim to lose weight, aim for maintenance it’s much more realistic and attainable. In other words try to rein-in real excess.

* Limit the alcohol (if any) that you consume.  It all counts and can produce an attack of the uncontrollable munchies!

* Plan your tourist activities with exercise in mind.  Prioritise these walks, bike rides, hikes, swimming jaunts, etc, rather than restaurant visits and more sedentary activities. Opting for such fitness-related activities allow you to make your holiday full of adventure, fun and fitness so that you return home feeling healthy and refreshed.

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