Why Weight Loss Diets Don’t Work

Why Weight Loss Diets Don’t Work

We’ve all tried them.

Anyone who has ever been overweight – much less obese – knows about dieting. We deprive ourselves of as much food as possible, we drink diet shakes and sign up for diet workshops, we count carbs, calories, and anything else we can find that assures us we’re somehow making progress.

And maybe some of us have lost some weight. Maybe.

The reality is, however, that 95% of those of us who have lost weight through dieting will regain it within one to five years. And an equally impressive percentage will not only regain all the lost weight, but add a few more pounds to it as well.

People don’t go on diets for the rest of their lives; diets are temporary plans. And temporary plans never work in the long run. Look at what’s happening when you diet: your body doesn’t want to starve, so it responds to restrictive diets by slowing your metabolism … which also slows your weight loss. On top of that, restrictive diets make you feel so deprived that it’s very easy to fall into a diet/binge or diet/overeat cycle.

We’ve all been there.

The reality is that for seriously overweight or obese people, diets will not be successful – and can, in fact, be harmful, especially if you have a secondary condition such as diabetes or heart problems.

One alternative that has worked for thousands is bariatric surgery, surgery that will enable you to lose weight safely, improve your overall health and keep the weight off.

You may have thought about it before, but then decided to try “just one more diet”. We’re here to tell you: it probably won’t work.

Why not try something that will? Make an appointment today for a consultation to see if bariatric surgery might be for you!

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