Is Weight Loss Surgery For You?

Is Weight Loss Surgery For You?

If you are seriously overweight, then weight loss surgery might be for you.

What do we mean by seriously overweight? There are a couple of ways of calculating it, but the easiest metric is this: if you are a woman and you’re at least 80 pounds overweight, or if you’re a man and you’re at least 100 pounds overweight, then weight loss surgery might be a good option for you.

If you’re less overweight, then you and your doctor need to have a conversation. Many bariatric surgeons will only operate if you are at that level of excess weight. However, certain other factors (if you have diabetes, for example, or heart disease or sleep apnoea) may tip the scales so to speak! in your favour.

Weight loss surgery works by limiting the amount of food that you can ingest. Some weight loss surgeries, in addition, limit the amount of food that you can digest. Many people who have weight loss surgery lose a significant amount of weight extremely rapidly, with weight loss leveling off after about two years.

Will you keep the weight off? That depends on you. If you follow the nutritional directives given to you after your surgery, and you exercise, then there’s a very good chance that you’ll keep it off permanently.

If you are reading this and find yourself nodding, thinking – this might be for me - then it’s time to ask your doctor if you might be a good weight loss surgery candidate. We can help: ask us how!

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