Why Choose Enhanced Aftercare?

Why Choose Enhanced Aftercare?

When we asked patients how we could improve our service, access to professional psychological support was the most common request. Our Gold and Platinum Aftercare Programmes offer one-to-one consultations with Dr Denise Ratcliffe, one of the UK’s leading clinical psychologists specialising in the unique needs of bariatric surgery patients. These sessions can be used pre-operatively or after surgery, to optimise a patient’s ability to cope with the many challenges undergoing bariatric surgery can sometimes bring.

In addition, maintaining behavioural change is really important for long term success after weight loss surgery. Our Gold and Platinum Aftercare Programmes offer CBT and motivational training to help you break those negative and unhelpful habits.

Reducing the worry about the cost of future complications:
Most patients don’t realise that serious complications can arise during the first 2 or 3 years after surgery (particularly after gastric band surgery). Phoenix Gold or Platinum Aftercare includes the cost of private treatment of post-operative complications that might arise (Terms and Conditions apply).

Longer Aftercare:
Bariatric surgery is not a quick fix. It requires a committment from both the patient and their team to long-term care. Without regular monitoring, late nutritional and mineral deficiencies are fairly common, although most are simple to treat if picked up early. The peace of mind of knowing that you have many extra years of free follow-up and can pick up the phone to one of our specialists for advice or a face to face review whenever you need it is priceless.

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