3 Ways to Break a Weight-Loss Plateau

3 Ways to Break a Weight-Loss Plateau

One of the most common frustrations after a good weight loss  (and especially after the rapid loss associated with the ‘honeymoon’ period immediately after bariatric surgery), is when progress appears to stall, progress seemingly halts and pound or kilo loss levels off.

Unfortunately a weight-loss plateau is quite common … we all know loss over time isn’t linear and varies dramatically from individual to individual and from week to week with the same person. But why do they happen?

Weight-Loss Plateau

At its simplest this is because as you lose weight your metabolism changes and typically slows down. This means you have to adjust your calorie intake to a lower level to lose weight. Very simply put, the smaller you are, the fewer calories you burn.

Your first solution to this standstill might be to reduce your daily calorie allowance by about 200 calories to account for this but 3 other strategies to  to break a weight-loss plateau might be to:

boost your metabolism. Stoke this up by increasing your exercise levels, especially strength training. This will promote, build and preserve muscle which will give your metabolism a little lift and not at the expense of fat-burning.

check your portion sizes. It’s very easy to loosen up and be less vigilant about portion sizes for regular meals, slip into a grazing pattern of eating or forget to count up the calories in drinks. Take time out to check if you’re underestimating your portion sizes and suffering from portion distortion.

close the kitchen at a reasonable hour. Most patients say their danger times for extra food, snacks and treats come in the late evening. So when you’ve had your evening meal close the kitchen, wrap and put all left-overs securely away and turn off the light. Brushing your teeth as a prelude to bedtime might also act as a deterrent to further eating.

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