5 Tips for Making Your Bariatric Surgery Work

5 Tips for Making Your Bariatric Surgery Work

Bariatric surgery can change your life. Quite literally. Losing weight will open doors that you never before imagined going through; it will raise your self-esteem, give you new energy, and restore your health.

It can also fail. And it’s very much up to you which of those two alternatives happens. Want to make sure it’s the former option?

Then follow these five simple tips:
1.Do what your doctor and team tell you to do. Many patients somehow decide that they know better once their bariatric surgery has been completed, and choose not to follow doctor’s orders with regards to exercise, vitamins, protein consumption . anything and everything. Don’t fall into that trap. These people have experience and really do know what’s best for you.
2.Drink a lot of water. It’s the simplest and it’s also one of the most-neglected pieces of advice out there. Staying hydrated means staying healthy for everyone, but especially for those who have had weight-loss surgery.
3.Learn new coping mechanisms. Many people who became obese did so because food-and overeating-is how they coped with problems, anxiety, depression, and so on. If you don’t learn another way of coping, food will go back to being your crutch, and you’ll gain the weight back. Don’t let this happen to you!
4.Take it slow. You’ll want to rush things along, and your body needs time to heal and to adjust to all the changes you’re asking it to undertake. Stay with your liquids and puréed food; start eating again slowly. Start your exercise routine with just a few changes in how you get about (parking on the far end of the car park, for example) before doing anything more strenuous. This is you for the rest of your life: there’s no need to rush!
5.Attitude is everything. You’re making major changes in your life and that can feel scary. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Remind yourself of why you decided to take this step, and stay connected to that reason. Read about others who have done the same thing; perhaps join an online community, or keep reading this blog. Stay positive, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Always keep your goal in mind: you want to become healthy and happy. Follow these tips, and you’ll find they’re the roadmap for getting there!

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