Bariatric diet advice – Simple ways to fill up with fibre

Bariatric diet advice – Simple ways to fill up with fibre

Healthy diets include plenty of fibre …a nutrient that is required in your diet every day. Most adults should aim for 20-35 grams fibre a day which sounds like a lot, so how do you boost your intake?

Well fibre is found in all sorts of fresh and delicious foods that are bariatric-friendly for weight-loss surgery patients – fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains to just mention a few.

bariatric diet advice

Basically there are 2 types of fibre:

Soluble Fibre which is found in oats, barley, apples, pears, edamame beans and other soy products and citrus fruit. It is thought that this type of fibre can help to reduce cholesterol levels, which protect you from heart disease.

Insoluble Fibre is found in wheat bran, whole-wheat products and most vegetables. This type of fibre may alleviate constipation by helping wastes move through your system faster.

A mixture of both types of fibre is the way forward and the bonus is that they both fill you up so that you eat fewer calories and lose weight. It has also been suggested through research that a diet high in fibre will also reduce the risk of developing diabetes and may offer some protection against colon cancer.

So if you’re feeling pumped up to get a super fill of fibre, try the following bariatric diet advice:

*  eat some fruit with breakfast every morning. Try berries with your old cereal, yogurt or warm porridge or slice a banana into or onto the same.

*  swap any white bread or wrap for a whole meal or seeded variety for a lunchtime offering and fill with added lettuce, tomatoes and other salad vegetables.

*  keep a good stock of frozen mixed vegetables in your freezer for a virtually instant side dish to main meal offerings. Microwave bags are great for portion control and can be ready in just 3 minutes for serving.

*  add vegetables to pasta and rice dishes as well as casseroles, stews and hot-pots for added fibre. Add to sauces too and blend to a smooth consistency (a good ploy for getting vegetables and fibre into a fussy-eater’s diet).

Make a pledge to try out one of the above ideas this very coming week, then try another the following…before long you’ll have a diet full of fibre, tasting fabulous and good for your continued health!


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