Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

No: of course it’s not that simple. But any lifestyle change begins in the mind, and if you’re considering bariatric surgery of any kind, then there’s a lot you need to consider:

Information, first and foremost. There are a number of types of bariatric surgery (gastric bypass, gastric balloon, gastric band, duodenal switch, and more), and it’s important for you to choose the procedure that will be safest for you, and which will offer the best chances of success. A consultation with both your GP as well as with one of the specialists at our centres will give you the information you need and help you make this decision.

Shift in thinking. Food is probably one of the first things you think about in the morning, and one of the last things you think about at night. You might be thinking about it with disgust or with delight, but either way, it’s a primary focus for your life. For any bariatric intervention to work, it’s important to find something else on which to centre your thinking.

Cope differently. As well as sustenance, chances are that eating has been a source of comfort for you—perhaps even your primary source of comfort. Bariatric procedures alone aren’t going to change that; you need to do your part. This may be a good time to seek out counselling so that you can learn different and healthier coping mechanisms. Once you start experiencing the endorphins released by exercise, you may find that it helps a great deal more than eating ever did.

Making a commitment to changing your thinking is a tremendous part of whether or not your gastric procedure will be successful in the long term. So why not start changing your thinking today?

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