Your Diet After Gastric Bypass Surgery: When You First Go Home

Your Diet After Gastric Bypass Surgery: When You First Go Home

So you’ve decided to have gastric bypass surgery. You’ve had conversations with your doctor, you’ve been referred to a surgeon, you’ve had all your questions about gastric bypass answered. All is well, right?

Well not quite. It’s important that you understand what life after your gastric bypass surgery will be like. And the first part of that is your diet.

What happens in gastric bypass surgery is that most of your stomach is being closed off, which changes the way your body will handle food. You won’t be eating as much food; and your body won’t be absorbing all the calories from the food that you do eat.

When you first get home after your gastric bypass surgery, you’ll be starting off with liquid food, followed by pureed food for the first two to three weeks. Gradually you’ll add in soft foods, and finally regular foods.

When you do start eating solid foods once again, at first you’ll feel very full very quickly. Just a few bites will make you feel full; your new stomach pouch will only hold a very small amount of food. Over time, it will get slightly larger, enabling you to eat more than just a few bites.

Before you go for your gastric bypass surgery, plan ahead so that your kitchen is ready for the diet you’ll be following!

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