5 tips to fight off cravings when dieting

5 tips to fight off cravings when dieting

Let’s face it – we all sometimes give into temptations, especially when it comes to eating. This will undoubtedly still happen once in a while after weight-loss surgery, but does it mean that you or your surgery has failed?

Not at all!

fight off cravings when dieting

There will be moments of weakness after WLS in much the same way as before and not all of your journey will run perfectly smoothly. There’s bound to be a setback or two, but the good news is that with the aid of your surgery, it’s often quite easy to get back on track. Here are 5 tips to fight off cravings when dieting if you find yourself veering off-course.

* Sounds simple but just by emptying your cupboards, refrigerator and freezer of any unhealthy foods that trigger your cravings you are automatically taking them out of the equation. It’s a great first smart way to sorting things out!

* When you go out food shopping make a list beforehand and vow to stick to it. Don’t shop when hungry and keep to the perimeter of the store where the unprocessed and healthy food can be located. If you can’t trust yourself at the moment, then consider an on-line food delivery service until temptation dims and you feel more in control.

* If you’re going out to eat look at the menu and decide beforehand what you’re going to order. Ignore the dessert menu and any extras that come along that you haven’t planned for like additional bread, sauces, dressings and dips.

* Always carry a healthy snack around with you so that when a sudden un-planned temptation comes your way, you can eat something nutritious instead. A small bag of nuts or a small protein bar doesn’t take up too much room in a bag and doesn’t require any special storage arrangements.

* If you receive any food as a present, like a box of chocolates, your favourite biscuits or a cake then take it into work to share with colleagues, give it to a neighbour, or drop off at the food bank/local old folks home where it will undoubtedly be much more appreciated.

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