Your Five First Post-Bariatric Surgery Exercises

Your Five First Post-Bariatric Surgery Exercises

It’s always a good idea to start with baby steps, no matter what new venture you’re pursuing. And you want to be careful after any weight-loss procedure not to do too much in the beginning. If you exercise too much, too soon, you may injure yourself, tire yourself out needlessly, and in fact develop an aversion to exercising.

So start slowly by adding a few “extras” to your normal daily activities.

These extras can include:
1.Leave the lift behind and take the stairs (if it’s three flights or fewer)
2.Park your car at the far end of the car park and walk to your destination from there.
3.If you watch television, multi-task! You can do ten crunches during every half-hour of watching, or lift some small (two-pound) weights.
4.Take a walk after dinner. Even if it’s just round the block. It will help you digest better and as you’re feeling more confident, you can walk longer distances.
5.If you work at a desk, set a timer to remind you to move about and stretch. This is good for anyone who works sitting down; it’s especially good for you as you ease into the notion of exercising. Some online programmes will help you do this and suggest different exercises you can do; see and

So there you have it! Five different ways to start toning, start getting your heart pumping, start feeling like you’re “doing something” to get fit and feel better. The really great thing about them is that even once you start incorporating more strenuous exercise into your routine, these daily habits will continue-and continue to keep you healthy!

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