Five Questions to Ask Yourself About Bariatric Surgery

Five Questions to Ask Yourself About Bariatric Surgery

If you’re considering bariatric surgery, you need to prepare yourself. Start by asking yourself these questions and know the answers!

1. Do you want to eliminate the hunger you always seem to be feeling? Are you willing to follow the directions of your bariatric surgeon in order to reach that goal?

2. What is your weight-loss goal? Don’t think in terms of numbers; think of where you’d be comfortable.

3. How much maintenance are you willing to do once your bariatric surgery is over? Can you make time for the adjustment schedule of laparoscopic banding, in addition to the regular follow-up required of any bariatric surgical procedure?

4. How much are you willing to change your diet and exercise routines after your bariatric surgery?

5. Are you getting enough information from the right sources? For example, if you are comparing adjustable gastric banding to a gastric bypass procedure, you should discuss it with a bariatric surgeon who can perform both procedures and has extensive experience with each.

If you want some help in deciding which bariatric surgery is for you, we’re here and ready to answer all of your questions. Just ask us!

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