Five Reasons to Consider an Intragastric Balloon

Five Reasons to Consider an Intragastric Balloon

So you’ve decided that you need to make a major change in your life. Perhaps your obesity is beyond your control (it was for most of us!) but you’re uncertain about the risks and benefits of bariatric surgery. There is another nonsurgical option open to you: the gastric balloon or intragastric balloon.

What are the benefits of this option?

1. A gastric balloon or intragastric balloon is an alternative to surgery. Any kind of surgery always entails risks, and bariatric surgery is no exception. Choosing a procedure that is non-invasive may be a good option if you’re not a good candidate for surgery.

2. Most serious weight-loss therapies require a BMI (body mass index) of 40 or higher. The intragastric balloon only requires a BMI of 27 or higher.

3. The intragastric balloon is adjustable, so it can be changed as your needs change.

4. In the first six months, you will experience significant weight loss when your intragastric balloon procedure is associated with changes in diet and exercise. The anticipated excess weight loss that can be expected with the intragastric balloon is between 25% and 40%.

5. The intragastric balloon procedure is less expensive than weight-loss surgeries and therefore can be an option for more people.

The intragastric balloon is a painless, half-hour procedure that could potentially change your life. Why not explore it as an option today?

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