Five Reasons to Consider POSE as Your Weight-Loss Solution

Five Reasons to Consider POSE as Your Weight-Loss Solution

Primary Obesity Surgery, Endoluminal (POSE) is a relatively new weight-loss procedure that is minimally invasive ”and could change your life.

Like other bariatric procedures, POSE reduces your stomach size and the hunger cravings that go along with a larger stomach, thus enabling you to develop healthy eating habits and lose weight. Unlike other bariatric procedures, there are no incisions, you won’t have a hospital stay of several days, and you’ll feel more comfortable far more quickly.

Why should you consider it?

1. POSE is a one-hour outpatient procedure performed through the mouth that does not require any incisions or cuts.

2. POSE is a viable solution for anyone who only needs to lose between 20 and 70 pounds and  is therefore excluded from other bariatric procedures.

3. The absence of incisions in POSE minimizes your discomfort or chance of complications, and dramatically decreases your recovery time.

4. You can leave the hospital on the same day as your procedure.

5. POSE offers quick recovery, immediate decrease of hunger, reduced blood pressure, and a steady improvement in healthier food choices and overall well-being.

How does it work?

Under general anaesthesia, using a small flexible endoscope, the surgeon inserts a four-channel tube and then uses surgical tools to grasp your stomach tissue and deploy suture anchors to create multiple tissue folds in the stomach wall to reduce its volume.

This is a relatively new procedure that helps people who are not morbidly obese get back to a healthier life. If that sounds like you, then why not arrange a consultation with one of our bariatric experts today?

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