What Happens if Bariatric Surgery Goes Wrong?

What Happens if Bariatric Surgery Goes Wrong?

Any kind of surgery comes with possible complications, and no surgeon is perfect. With the increase in the number of weight-loss surgeries performed every year, there are growing numbers of individuals who have experienced an unsatisfactory result from their bariatric procedures.

While every bariatric surgeon does his or her best to make sure that patients like you are happy and healthy on leaving the hospital, the reality is that a small percentage of cases will need additional work.

If you’ve had poor weight loss/weight regain or complications of the original procedure (such as weight regain or ulcers for gastric bypass or slippage of a gastric band) you may qualify for revisional bariatric surgery, also known as re-do surgery.

You shouldn’t undertake it lightly. Revisional surgery is the most delicate and difficult of surgeries, and carries even more possibilities of complications and risk than does primary surgery. Only the most experienced and skilled of surgeons attempt revisional bariatric surgery.

But sometimes it’s the only option if your previous bariatric surgery went wrong—or didn’t work at all.

There’s good news, however. A 13-year study performed for the American Medical Association concluded that “although bariatric surgery is associated with higher risk of perioperative complications compared with the primary procedures, it appears to be safe and effective when performed in experienced centres.”

So if you have had problems with your bariatric surgery, or if it appears to have been ineffective, there is still hope. At Phoenix, we have some of the most experienced surgeons in the UK and we’re ready to help you with your necessary revisional surgery.

We’ll also take you on even if your initial surgery was carried out elsewhere and has not been successful.

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