Why Not an Intragastric/Gastric Balloon?

Why Not an Intragastric/Gastric Balloon?

They’re called both gastric balloons and intragastric balloons, but no matter what the name is, it’s a weight-loss option well worth considering.

If you’re not set on bariatric surgery, there are other ways you can choose to help you lose a considerable amount of excess weight. And the intragastric balloon can be an excellent choice because it relies on the same principles as bariatric surgery—but without the surgery part!

What that means is this: bariatric surgery, at its most basic, give you less space for food and therefore make you feel fuller, so you eat less. And that’s exactly what the intragastric balloon does as well. This non-surgical procedure involves placing a balloon into your stomach; the balloon is then inflated – making your stomach capacity smaller and thus helping you to feel fuller, faster. Unlike bariatric surgery, this procedure takes only about 30 minutes.

So why wouldn’t you choose this procedure?

As with all weight-loss options, there are advantages and disadvantages to the intragastric balloon. The advantages are that there’s no invasive procedure: no stapling, cutting, stomach removal, or major surgery. It’s also a removable and therefore reversible option; and it’s quite a lot less expensive than bariatric surgery. The disadvantages? Some people find it uncomfortable, especially immediately after insertion. The main disadvantage is that intragastric balloon procedures do require a very strict adherence to diet and exercise. This procedure complements them, but does not replace them.

So if you’ve been trying to lose weight by diet and exercise on your own but need some help, the intragastric balloon can be an excellent choice. Want to learn more? We’ll be happy to talk to you about your options!

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