Lunch ideas for post weight loss surgery patients

Lunch ideas for post weight loss surgery patients

Many weight loss surgery patients stroll comfortably through their choice of breakfast and dinner options but struggle when it comes to lunch.

For many this may mean lunch at a desk, in a solitary fashion at home, or on the move. So what can be considered for a low GI lunchbox or counter-top meal?

Here’s some lunch ideas for post weight loss surgery patients….

A tuna, onion and tomato salad with wholegrain cracker
An avocado, chicken and lettuce wholegrain wrap
A Greek salad with low-fat feta cheese, olives and small wholegrain roll
A taco topped with Mexican beans, tomato, avocado and sprinkling of low-fat cheese
A flatbread with hummous, tabbouleh salad or falafel
A stir-fry of mixed vegetables with cubed firm tofu and low-fat sauce (eaten hot or cold)
A chickpea salad made with ham or Quorn deli meat
A bowl of minestrone soup with a small wholegrain roll (hot in a flask)
Some wholemeal pasta salad made with corn, flaked fish or chopped ham and salad
2-3 canned sardines to have on toast or with a crisp cracker and salad
A few sushi rolls and a small miso soup
A bowl of vegetable soup served with a crispbread with low-fat soft cheese
Some wholegrain crackers with cottage cheese and a salad garnish
A multi-grain bread sandwich with hard-boiled eggs and salad
A lentil, beetroot and low-fat feta cheese salad
A slice of crustless quiche or frittata with salad
A savoury low-fat muffin (e.g. ham, corn and courgette)
A few spoonfuls of kipper or smoked fish pate made with low-fat cottage cheese to serve with a small wholegrain pitta bread or cracker with salad
A couple of prawn and rice paper rolls mixed with shredded vegetables and a low-fat, low-sugar dipping sauce

A wide-necked flask or microwave will cope with most hot options and an insulated lunch or bento box will take care of the chilled ones.

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