How Much Danger Are You In Being Obese?

How Much Danger Are You In Being Obese?

Numbers don’t lie.

You know that, even as you stand on your scales and realize that it’s showing numbers you don’t want to see … and that those numbers do not lie.

There are other numbers, too, that don’t lie. Consider, for example, the latest Health Survey for England (HSE) data, which show that in England in 2010:

62.8% of adults (aged 16 or over) were overweight or obese
30.3% of children (aged 2-15) were overweight or obese

Want more numbers?

Foresight’s Tackling Obesities: Future Choices report, published in October 2007, predicted that if no action was taken, 60% of men, 50% of women, and 25% of children in Britain would be obese by 2050.

There are even more numbers. We’re seeing a tremendous increase in mortality due to factors associated with obesity:

hypertension (3.0 times higher chance of death)
diabetes (2.9 times higher chance of death)
hypercholesterolemia (1.5 times higher chance of death)

And, finally, treatment for morbid obesity (diet, medical management, and so forth) has an overall dismal long-term success rate that ranges from nine to 15 per cent. That’s not much success.

So … how much danger are you in? If you’re obese, the answer is easy: quite a lot. Those numbers don’t lie, and they’re saying that you’re playing with fire by not finding a permanent solution to your obesity.

Maybe it’s time to consider bariatric surgery.

Various studies on gastric bypass surgery define success differently. One study published in the April 2000 issue of the Annals of Surgery defined success as reaching and maintaining a normal body mass index (BMI) for at least five and a half years, and success rates for morbidly obese patients (morbid obesity definitions range from 30 to 49 BMI) found a success rate of 93 per cent.
93 per cent. Now that’s a good number!

Don’t wait until it’s too late. This is your health, your life. You are in danger until you find a permanent solution to your obesity. We know about the health problems that you’ve been experiencing, and we’re here to help you.

Bariatric surgery could be your answer. Why not call us today to find out more?

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