Why You Need To Do Something About Your Weight—Right Now!

Why You Need To Do Something About Your Weight—Right Now!

We live in a culture that celebrates youth and slimness, and people who aren’t young—and aren’t slim—can often feel unnoticed. But most of us manage to work through that. We are who we are; we don’t have to conform to anyone else’s idea of what we should look like. Right?

Well, maybe. Being an independent thinker is a positive and terrific thing. But it may be that in asserting your right to be overweight, you’re also endangering yourself. There are some excellent reasons to get away from being obese, and they have nothing to do with our culture’s love affair with thin models.

They have to do with keeping you alive.

The same magazines that urge you to lose weight also, ironically, minimize what obesity is all about. With the right diet, with the right attitude, article after article assures you that a thin body is within your reach, and you only need a little self-discipline to lose that weight. What these magazines are not saying is the real truth: that obesity is a chronic and serious disease, and it’s a disease that will kill you.

Your obesity puts you at risk of:

Type 2 diabetes
Arthritis and other joint problems
High blood pressure
Heart disease
Cancer (breast, uterine, colon)
Digestive disorders
Sleep apnoea and asthma
Pregnancy and fertility problems
Gallbladder problems

Losing weight can mean losing your bad health. It can mean losing your breathlessness when you take a walk, losing the need to carry an inhaler with you, losing the pain you feel in your knees and back.

And it’s not just about loss. It means feeling better about yourself—and, also, just plain feeling better.

Minimizing your weight problem hasn’t made it go away. Pretending that you don’t care about it hasn’t made it go away. Certainly going on diet after diet hasn’t made it go away.

If you are serious about tackling your obesity problem, then it is time you got off the diet carousel and considered a serious solution to a serious problem: surgical or non-surgical treatment options such as a gastric balloon procedure or gastric band or bypass surgery. Take your problem seriously, and find out why you should do something about your weight … right now.

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