Post weight loss surgery diet tip – Ditch the bread

Post weight loss surgery diet tip – Ditch the bread

Ditching the bread, because it’s calorie laden or is proving problematic to digest or tolerate after weight loss surgery doesn’t mean that you have to ditch the sandwich. Here’s some useful post weight loss surgery diet tips by delegating the bread to the back seat and trying these simple ideas:

Use lettuce instead of a wheat or corn tortilla to make your favourite wrap.
Get creative with cucumber by sandwiching two slices together with some special deli ingredients like sliced ham, cheese or a dip such as hummous.
Get fruity and sandwich sweeter offerings with apple or pear slices. These would be great for reduced fat peanut butter or low-fat cream cheese.
Substitute slices of cooked tofu for bread. Wonderful for trapping roasted vegetables between them.
Roll up for the meat feast. Spread thin slices of deli meats with spreads, pates and cheese then roll up to secure. They make perfect finger food.
Pile your usual sandwich filling into a salad leaf boat made from chicory or endive leaves or a small, crisp, rounded leaf of lettuce. Make them small so that they are easy to lift from plate to mouth.
Grill or griddle some large slices of beef tomatoes then use in place of bread for winning fillings such as cheese, hard-boiled egg or flaked fish. Flash grill quickly so that the tomatoes still stay firm and easy to handle.
Make room for the mushroom. Use two large flat cooked mushrooms in place of a bread bun to sandwich a burger together … you’ll never miss the bread.

Go oriental with nori and rice wrappers to make see-through and paper-thin wraps for delicious stir-fry sandwich ingredients. Add a dipping sauce for something special.
Or, when faced with a double or triple decker sandwich, peel off the top bread layer and carefully remove the middle one, for an open-sandwich affair … it’s what the Danes have been doing for years!

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