New M & S clothes range – Perfect post weight loss surgery fashion

New M & S clothes range – Perfect post weight loss surgery fashion

If you haven’t hailed a taxi, waved to a friend or applauded a win at the tennis without looking around furtively, then performing the said action with elbows firmly planted into the ribs, like a trussed chicken, then you don’t have a problem with so-called bingo wings!

The bane of most ladies of advanced years they are also the biggest bugbear of the post-op weight-loss surgery patient. Flesh on the upper arms doesn’t, for most, miraculously bounce or snap back into toned perfection with weight loss.

m & s autumn collection with sleeves

Exercise helps a little but is no guaranteed formula to tighten the muscles sufficiently.

Some weight loss surgery patients bite the bullet and opt for surgery to reduce the excess flesh and saggy skin, but, it has to be said, this leaves scars so doesn’t completely hide just reduces the problem. Countless others rely upon sleeves to disguise or hide the excess droopy flesh. But, until now, the choice on the high street for post weight loss surgery fashion (with sleeves) has been thin on the ground.

So with much hand clapping (not arm flapping) it’s great news to hear that the new Autumn collection of clothes for women at M & S has many dresses, t-shirts, tops and jumpers with sleeves, making them ideal post weight loss surgery fashion pieces. Indeed up to 80% of new arrivals have them … some with stretch, many narrow and fitted and certainly not mumsy, baggy and boring.

Most sleeves on the clothes are three-quarter length, reaching to just above the elbow, to avoid constriction and creasing, and they come in lace, or a contrasting sheer fabric for a feeling of airiness. The type of airiness that you experience with a sleeveless offering so won’t be too warm in heated offices or outdoors on warm autumnal days.

I particularly like the scarlet lace applique dress from the Per Una range but also the statement black dress, characteristically called the Per Una LBD. The white waffle dress, perfect for the office or dressed up for dinner, is also a great post weight loss surgery fashion option.

There are also several cocktail style dresses worth checking out which will be great for the Christmas Party season…all glamorous, fitted and waving the flag for grown-up women…without a bingo wing in sight!

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