Post weight loss surgery tips – A Few ways to say ‘no, thank you’

Post weight loss surgery tips – A Few ways to say ‘no, thank you’

Pre-op, it’s often hard to eat healthy, calorie-controlled food with so much on offer; and especially difficult post-op when you can only eat small portions from a restricted range.

However, one of the most challenging scenarios is when well-meaning family members, friends and co-workers offer you food and you need to decline. How do you do this in a gracious way?

It’s always best to start with a simple and direct ‘No thank you’. Job done? Sadly often not, so here are some post weight loss surgery tips on ways to respond to those persistent ‘food pushers’:

“Thanks, but I’ve already eaten.”

“Looks fabulous…too good to eat!”

“Thanks, I’ll have some later.”

“I’m good thanks.”

“Thank you but I’m trying to eat healthier.”

“I have a weigh-in tomorrow, so I’m reining in tonight and on my best behaviour.”

“No thanks, but I’d love the recipe!”

“What a shame I am allergic to …. (add ingredient).”

“I don’t have any room on my plate at the moment, I’ll try some later.”

“I’m just too full at the moment.”

“I’m saving my calories for ….” (insert another dish that you know might be coming up).

“I need a break from food just now, I’ve been cooking all day!”

“No thanks, but I know my husband/partner/friend is just dying to try it!”

“I’m just a whisker away from my goal weight that I’m going to say no today.”

“I ate some when I arrived and it’s great.”

And for those drink pushers?

“I’m designated driver tonight, or volunteer if required.”

“I’m on medication where it’s a no no!”

“I have some tests scheduled tomorrow that mean I must refuse.”

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