Pre weight loss surgery exercise tips – Start a summer walking regime

Pre weight loss surgery exercise tips – Start a summer walking regime

Prior to weight loss surgery you will be advised to increase your activity levels to make the transition to exercising later more manageable, and to make the surgery easier by lowering your levels of body fat and weight. Then, post-surgery, you’ll be advised to pick up on activity, little by little, until you can manage a gentle work out. But where to start? Here’s some pre weight loss surgery exercise tips:

With gym memberships often being expensive, running or cycling outside often putting painful stress on the body, swimming being embarrassing if you’re still very overweight and opening hours of recreational fitness centres not working within your schedule, it can often be too easy to find excuses not to throw yourself wholeheartedly into exercise.

In our experience walking is often the best way to start. It’s free, convenient and is relatively stress free on your body. Walking in short increments is also a great way to start toning up the muscles and preparing your body for future, more rigorous exercises. For these reasons the reasons most weight loss surgery teams recommend walking as the best form of exercise before and after weight-loss surgery.

So walking ticks all the boxes but how do you get motivated to start and then maintain an active walking regime?

Make a commitment to yourself to walk come rain or shine. Don’t let the weather be an excuse for not walking. If it’s cold, then wrap up; raining, don a raincoat or take an umbrella; very hot, then apply sun cream, take a sun hat and a cooling drink.

Plan ahead. Check your diary at the beginning of the week and decide and record which days you plan to walk. Then work your other chores and activities around these rather than the reverse. Don’t let a busy life get in your way…make it work for you.

Set a destination to reach. Knowing where you are heading often makes the time pass quicker. Choose somewhere you want to visit … a shop, friend’s house, library or beauty spot. The reward will then also come at the end of the walk!

Change this destination on a frequent basis to keep things new and fun. Avoid routine and boredom by checking out new places that you may have promised to visit.

Speed up or slow down your walk as you wish. Some days you might want to walk listening to upbeat and energising songs that will put an extra pep in your step; others you may just want to clear your mind and walk in solitude to mull over and channel your positive energy into plans and thoughts for the future. Do what suits you and your mood.

Walk a dog your own or even a borrowed one. Dogs make wonderful walking companions and can be great motivators to staying active and upping the ante on a walking journey length.

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