Ready, get set, lose weight! 10 weight loss surgery tips for success

Ready, get set, lose weight! 10 weight loss surgery tips for success

Weight loss through weight-loss surgery is a journey. But just like any other regime you’ve got to be in the right frame of mind to make it successful.

Prepare yourself for the surgical road ahead by considering these 10 weight loss surgery tips for success:

weight loss surgery tips for success

1. Commit. First to yourself, and then, if you have someone who will support you, share that commitment with someone else. This helps to make you more accountable for your diet, exercise plan and weight-loss goals.

2.  Make a plan. This should be bespoke and suited to your needs – not just a rehash of what everyone else is doing.

3.  Don’t wait for the right time. There isn’t a perfect time to have WLS . Yes, there are better times and bad times, but never the ideal time – don’t put things off waiting for that time to come.

4.  Get in the right mind-set. Don’t fall into the black/white, all-or-nothing, way of thinking. This new regime will be for life so aim to make changes that are do-able and will bring long-term sustainable results.

5.  Be realistic. Take a reality check on all aspects of your life including your work and family responsibilities. Make your plans and goals realistic to these findings.

6.  Make time for exercise. Fitness is a vital key to losing and maintaining weight so coax it into your schedule. Anything will do as you begin your journey and will steer you in the right direction to try and do more later. Walking is a great start!

7. Consider what motivates you. Is it weight-loss, fitness or better health? What would spur you on to achieve those goals? Do you respond to rewards? If so put a few rewards in place to encourage you along the way.

8.  Don’t think diet – think life change!  WLS isn’t about just starting a new diet with a special tool, it’s about also starting to make healthy adjustments that fit into your life for long-term success. You’ll have a diet but not be on a diet!

9.  Create a network for support.  This might simply be your family and friends but could also be a support group you join. Friends at the gym, chums at your favourite activity get-together, and your bariatric team in the early stages of your recovery also come under this heading. Embrace this social network and share your journey’s ups and downs with them.

10. Use outside resources. There are a few websites to help with food choice and ideas pre and post-surgery that can help if you’re hesitant about what to eat (see for example). Likewise there are gyms, classes and on-line websites to help with fashion, beauty and exercise regime guidelines. Check them out!

Preparing for WLS is not about preparing for a diet, but for changing your life so that you don’t have to diet again in the ways of old.

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