Reasons why you should keep a food journal

Reasons why you should keep a food journal

We’re often encouraged to keep a diary or journal especially to note our food intake or exercise accomplishments but does it really help? Well the simple answer is YES and for many different reasons.

Taking just a few minutes a day to keep track may help in more ways than you really thought. Here are some reasons why you should keep a food journal in case you’re still undecided:

food journal

A food journal helps me with my weight loss because:

  • It keeps me accountable – even if just to myself.
  • It shows in black and white my good and bad habits.
  • It makes my goals seem real and attainable – so easier to work towards.
  • It helps me to see that what I am doing is working so I will keep on doing it!
  • It helps me to see what I am doing wrong – so I’ll stop and try something else!
  • It details my determination and seriousness about this lifestyle change and the commitment I am giving it.
  • It simply helps me keep track so that I can see and analyse just what I have eaten, when, where and WHY.
  • It helps me check on the length, vigour and strength of my workouts and the progress I am making day by day.
  • It helps to verify and track my progress in terms of weight, measurements and fitness and so provide much encouragement when my enthusiasm flags.
  • In short it keeps me motivated – plus on-track and accountable.

These are of course small (and maybe short) entries into a book but they add up to the much bigger picture – for which you can be proud when revisited and re-read.


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