Scott, South Cheshire

Scott, South Cheshire

For Scott it’s no mystery as to what triggered his drastic weight gain: the death of his father when he was only 10 years old. Since thenScott W pre 1, he’d always been big.

“Looking back at photos I can see the weight creeping on – I had it for years and laughed with all the mickey takes, put downs and any other derogatory stuff that goes with being a larger guy.”

While it is fair to say that Scott struggled with his weight from an early age there was also a definitive tipping point. In 2007 his daughter was born and was very ill for some time, which naturally caused extreme stress for Scott and his wife.  Fortunately his daughter pulled through, although by this point Scott had reached over 30 stone. He had been working as a security guard then a bus driver, and led an equally inactive lifestyle in his leisure time, culminating in a significant weight gain.

“I thought ‘I have to do something about this.’”

But Scott W pre and postdespite knowing he was dangerously overweight it still took a while for Scott to take the necessary action. “It took a lot for me to seek help even though I knew I had a problem . . .I’d diet, loose a few stone then be ok for a while, then I’d pile the weight back on.”  Eventually he turned to surgery and in 2013 he was operated on by Jim Evans.  After three months post-op, he had gone from being virtually immobile to running a 5km race. After another six months, he completed the Manchester 10km run.

“When time allows, I’m out on my road bike. I can cycle anywhere up to around 60 miles at a time and I’m now just starting to run again after a year off.”

“Since my operation many people I know have said how well I look. When the bigger guys ask for my advice my answer is simple: just look at what I have achieved. Most of the people I know are proud of what I’ve done and impressed with my way of life.”

Scott now weighs 20 stone and is still on track to lose more. He currently aims to do the c2c cycle from Morecambe to Bridlington within 2 days to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support and his local hospice. He works two days a week so he can help look after his wife who has Crohn’s disease, and has two healthy daughters aged 8 and 16.

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