Emergency snacks for bariatric patients

Emergency snacks for bariatric patients

I believe things go ‘pear-shaped’ when you’re not prepared. You know the times I mean…when you’re on the road and all you see are fast-food signs; when you arrive somewhere late and there is nothing on the menu for you; and when you’re dashing between activities or work appointments and there isn’t the ideal ‘food-to-go’.

So what do you do? What you need is emergency snacks for bariatric patients…

Emergency snacks for bariatric patients


I’ve been there and now have an emergency supply box in the boot of my car to cope with all these situations…sometimes it has been a life-saver!

What you might want to consider putting in your emergency box or tin:

*  a low-fat and low-sugar cereal bar

*  a small packet of unsalted nuts

*  a small jar of low-fat pate or paste in a jar with crackers (don’t forget a small knife for spreading)

*  a low-fat and low-sugar protein drink (ideally ready-to-drink or in a shakeable flask)

*  a rich tea biscuit or light digestive

*  a small bag of mixed seeds

*  a small packet of olives

*  a ‘healthy’ low-fat and low Gi snack or meal-pot that just needs boiling water to rehydrate

*  a small packet of dried fruit

*  a screw-topped jar or keep-fresh container with a little bariatric-friendly cereal and a couple of long-life mini cartons of milk

*  a small bag of soya nuts

*  a small packet of beef jerky or biltong (but keep an eye on the eat-by date)

*  a couple of sugar-free sweets or mints

*  a portion of a low-fat and reasonably bariatric-friendly snack like oatcakes, rice cakes, mini Ryvitas or Melba toast



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