Styling tips for thinning hair

Styling tips for thinning hair

We’ve already covered the incidence of hair loss after bariatric surgery, why it occurs and what you can do to reduce it.

But if you do suffer from hair loss, how can you tweak your hair routine to make the most of the hair that you’ve got?

Styling tips for thinning hair


Some of these simple styling tips for thinning hair will add volume and minimise further breakage and loss so that every day becomes, if not a good hair day … a better hair day!

  • Get the right hairstyle. Too much length can weigh hair down and make it look thinner and flatter. So get a regular cut, trim any split ends and perhaps ask your stylist for a style with layers that adds volume.
  • Cut down on hair processing treatments. Colouring, bleaching, chemical straightening and chemical curling your hair can weaken the hair shaft, therefore causing further hair loss and breakage. If you can’t face the thought of not having any then stretch out the time between treatments as much as possible to minimise their detrimental effects.
  • Avoid certain styles. Don’t opt for ponytails, tight buns, braids and pulled back headband styles that constantly tug on your hair. This is especially true for those that place stress on the hairline.
  • Limit heat styling to the minimum. Blow-drying and electric straighteners can do untold damage to weak hair. Blow-drying can literally boil the hair dry! Better to gently towel dry hair and then use the lowest setting on your hair drier to finish styling. Hair straighteners and curlers should then be used on the lowest possible setting for the minimum time.
  • Consider some volumisng products.  Shampoos, conditioners and other styling products can help to give you hair a lift by coating the strands of hair to make them look thicker. Use these products sparingly though so they don’t weigh down your hair and make your scalp more visible. Likewise only use a modicum of conditioner, hair gel and hair spray and just apply to the ends of your hair rather than near to the scalp.

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