How to save money on buying your workout wardrobe

How to save money on buying your workout wardrobe

Workout clothes can be pricey regardless of size and if you’re shrinking fast then how do you get a long-lasting bargain? Well in the first instance speciality workout clothes may not be a necessity for your workout programme so be prepared to be flexible with what is already in your wardrobe.

However, sweat-wicking fabrics and body-hugging designs can often help since they have been designed for bodies in motion and so are comfortable and stay put when you’re on the go.

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Many also are made of high-tech synthetic fibres or natural ones that help you stay dry and reduce the risk of chaffing. Many will also help to regulate your body temperature, keeping you safe.

And, let’s face it, workout clothes can also be motivating and make you look pretty cool! But all that motivation comes at a price!

If you’re one of many who use the price of new workout clothes as a reason for not taking up exercise then consider some budget ideas to save money on buying your workout wardrobe:

  • Shop end-of-season sales. Just like there are summer and winter collections in regular clothes the same applies to workout clothes. As soon as the weather changes and the new stock arrives check out the sales from the previous season for sales bargains.
  • Check sales and clearance racks and hangers first. This might seem more than obvious but make a beeline for these racks first where the biggest discounts can be found. Steer clear and don’t be sucked in by the new displays.
  • Hit the designer outlets. Many outlets have specialist ‘factory stores’ for their workout gear. Some offer up to 70% off the usual price.
  • Compare online prices and specialist sites.  Good deals can be found online since retailers may not have to pay for a high street location. Do however check out and factor in postage and packing or shipping costs which can be high.
  • Check out charity shops or swaps within your support group.  This can be a bit hit or miss but in some areas high quality ski, cycling and workout wear can be found for a song.
  • Look for a customer loyalty programme.  Points can quickly add up to discounts and sometimes belonging to a programme means you get to hear first or get a preview of goods going on sale.
  • Choose generic rather than’branded’ ranges.  They are often just as good and sometimes better than the ones with the logo.
  • Finally take good care of your workout clothes.  If you take good care of your clothes, wash them regularly and carefully, they will last from one season to the next. Wash on a cool cycle and air-dry rather than in a hot dryer which can make elastic brittle and reduce the effectiveness of the performance of the fabric.

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